What helps you focus?

I've discussed music often on social media. I really can't help it as it's a huge part of how I get "into grooves" with work. I used to work side by side with a good friend of mine and he's since gone and "got a real job" (that quote still makes me chuckle, despite some of the truth behind it) but when we worked together, music tended to be a huge part of our work day. His job now is as an audio engineer and ironically enough, that means that he can't really listen to music during the day anymore. He records audio and edits audio but can't listen to music. I feel for him because I know that we both find inspiration while listening to music. 

Photo by  Alexey Ruban  on  Unsplash

Photo by Alexey Ruban on Unsplash

All that to say, what do you find gets you motivated during the day? Are there certain types of music? Certain bands or albums? Does it help you to have no sound at all?  

For me...

  • I have found of late that I can't listen to podcasts or radio shows and still be able to focus. Even if I enjoy them, they tend to distract me from being productive. 
  • I noticed again today that something that has probably stuck with me since high school and might be a little unique to my generation but if I'm wearing headphones I tend to focus well. I did today for a number of reasons and I need to do it more often. 
  • Musically, I listen to a wide range of music..
    • I'll listen to hardcore music like Norma Jean, Chevelle and Norma Jean.
    • I'll listen to a ton of great rap and hip hop like Social Club Misfits, Andy Mineo and Aesop Rock. 
    • A band I default to often to help me focus with more difficult tasks is Radio Head and the Focus mix on Spotify 
    • I default to Indie Rock a lot when I want to clean my pallet...

I don't doubt I won't line up with a lot of folks but if you want to follow me on Spotify, you can here.

My Daily Mixes on Spotify.

My Daily Mixes on Spotify.

I would love to hear from you in the comments section as to what inspires you and motivates you to greatness every day.