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AI is here to stay!

Let's help you analyze how it's affecting us now with some questions and answers.

What is AI Software?

ChatGPT responded with the following:

AI software refers to computer programs or applications that utilize artificial intelligence techniques to perform specific tasks or simulate intelligent behavior. AI software is designed to process and analyze large amounts of data, recognize patterns, make decisions, and learn from experience, similar to how human intelligence operates

What does all of this mean?

AI software can process and analyze data and provide support for making decisions and creating or designing content. AI software can support you and your business to improve efficiency and take over various automated tasks and routine research.

Do you need to use AI software?

In short, yes. Yes, you do. AI technology has been around for decades and it is becoming more engrained in our daily lives, workplaces, and society. And you likely already use it. Google, Amazon, and Facebook, for example, all rely on AI algorithms to provide you information they think you need or want.

How do you know what software to use?

Use the following questions to determine what type of AI software you need…

1.) Do you plan to use AI for personal or work tasks?

Personal tasks could include researching your children’s symptoms, planning a trip, or providing recommendations for books or movies.

Work tasks could include troubleshooting a printer error, collecting talking points for an upcoming meeting, or collecting data regarding a new product.

There are many possible uses for AI but knowing what you plan to use it for would be helpful in knowing what software to use.

2.) Do you need a software that specializes in a certain type of media?

Do you need AI to edit photos, text, audio, or video? Certain software specializes in using AI to edit or analyze different types of media. If you only work with video, for example, you can choose a software that edits video.

3.) Do you have other specific needs or requirements?

For example, certain industries or security requirements may influence which AI software you need. Your industry or role may have a standard or commonly used AI software. Consider the pros and cons of using the same tool as everyone else in your position.

As for security, the more your AI software knows, the better the analysis and recommendations it can provide. However, the more you tell it, the more it will know about your work or your personal life. Determine if you have specific security requirements and whether the software maintains them.  

4.) How often do you plan to use AI for your tasks?

There are different software and plans available based on usage. Do you think you will need to use AI software daily or, say, quarterly? This can help you narrow down whether you need a more professional or deluxe version or a basic, perhaps free, version.

5.) What is your budget?

Some software is available for free. Others offer premium plans for certain types of use. Your budget could direct you to certain software or plans. Though this isn’t always the case, you often get what you pay for. Free or basic plans can be more limited or could include ads. Consider whether this is acceptable for your personal or business use.

Once you’ve answered these questions you are ready to find the right software fit for you. See our POST to review and compare features of a selection of AI software.

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