Here at Ambit, we are asked this question all the time by clients who are trying to decide between Squarespace and WordPress for their websites. We often end up suggesting Squarespace for a number of reasons but our main goal at Ambit is to make sure that our clients have a website that is a good fit for their company. Whether that’s a CMS or a custom website. Squarespace has been updating their system over the last 2 years almost on a monthly basis and building what we believe is a pretty viable web management system. A good example of this is the brand new availability of Customer Accounts specifically for eCommerce websites that Squarespace offers now. 

That said, let’s get these reasons out there for the world to see… 

Wordpress backend versus Squarespace's backend

WordPress backend versus Squarespace’s backend

Reason #1- Squarespace’s default CMS (content management system) is more modern and easy to use than WordPress’s system

A content management system that is very well designed, may seem like something that is obvious. A CMS that is created so people and businesses could run their own websites should be designed to do just that. But I feel this is Squarespace’s huge leg up on WordPress. The last 3 WordPress sites I’ve done work in, it was not clear-cut at all as to where content, design, and details occurred. You were always on the hunt as to where things are located and how to do the next thing.

I consider Squarespace to be the Apple of the CMS realm and WordPress to be the PC. Squarespace is modern and easy to use out of the box, hence the Apple comparison. WordPress is created and curated by a lot of developers and coders, hence the PC comparison. When built from scratch, of course, it’s easier to use but it needs to be built from scratch…

Squarespace is the Apple of the CMS realm and WordPress is the PC. Squarespace is more intuitive while WordPress takes more work to understand.
— Matt (Principal of Ambit)

Photo by Oscar Nilsson on Unsplash

Reason #2- Although slightly more expensive, Squarespace offers everything in one place

You can save some money by utilizing WordPress instead of Squarespace but you’ll probably have your hosting in one place, maybe your domain in another place and so on…Unless you go through a hosting company that does it all.

There are Hosting companies out there that do this (i.e. Godaddy, Bluehost, etc.) but then you’re dealing with their setup and interface all the time. It’s rarely intuitive but instead is set up as if a developer/coder set it up because most of the time they did. This is not a bad thing in itself but it’s organized in a way that makes sense to them, not always in a way that makes sense to you, the customer. 

Reason #3- Customer Service, Tutorials and Answers

For that extra money, you have everything in one place but you also have customer service that is usually quick and helpful. If they can’t help, you usually can find help in tutorials and the answers section of their site. Whenever this falls short and you have no idea why you can’t get it to work like you want to, you can contact us for help. We’re specialists and able to help you fix almost anything that you need help with. That said, it’s nice to have options for problems that you don’t get with WordPress as it’s open source. Obviously, you can find answers online but they’re rarely in one place as it’s a google and search scenario. 

We have a page on here that’s focused on people that need help with Squarespace. Web design can be tricky business and often it’s difficult to create exactly what you want on a website when you don’t have the training or experience doing it previously. That’s where we can come in and would love to help you get your site where you want it. 

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