At Ambit, our plans and strategies focus around our wide range of clients and their diverse customer bases. We want to understand where you are coming from and help you plan for what's needed next. Squarespace and Wordpress both offer CMS platforms to create modern, simple and clean websites without requiring coding and complex design experience. In our 15 years of experience we’ve learned that what you might envision for your site isn’t always easy to create without coding and design expertise.

That’s where we come in.

We can help you with….

Our Process






Review.  We will complete a full review of what you already have in place, including web presence and business branding.

Initial Design.  Based on the examples and information provided we’ll design a customized image idea for your site or template ideas that match your current website goal.  

Visuals and Content.  After the original image or template is approved we’ll begin placing your provided content, images and customizing the feel of your website to align with your vision. If you need help with content, images and fonts we can help you!

Be found.  During the creation of your site and before final completion Search Engine Optimization will be a focus of ours.  Based on your content and the details of the site we’ll work to make sure your site is easily found.

Mobile Friendly.   A site that is visually appealing and has easy navigation on mobile devices is key.   We take steps during our process to make sure your site it responsive both on a desktop and relayed to mobile devices correctly.