Tidbit Tuesday #1: Squarespace Help - Adding links to your site

Hi there party people. I want to do a weekly Tuesday post about some small things that might be helpful to you as you do work on the web. Some of these will be focused on Squarespace, some on Wordpress and many will just be focused on the web at large or just graphic work as a whole. 

Maybe it will be shortcuts I use all the time or something I noticed online that saved me a bunch of time and energy. Often it's something I should have known but never thought to ask or look for. I'm hoping to move some of these to being live or recorded video but for now. We'll make the blog posts. 

So onto the tip for today...

If you have a Squarespace website or help people to make Squarespace websites and they want to have a phone number that is part of their navigation and they also want the phone to be clickable. So that when someone would click on it, it would open up on their phone or tablet or even desktop. This quick little tutorial should help you do just that!

Please let me know if this helps you in the comments and if you would like, sign up for our newsletter and I'll email you the tidbit as well! 

See you next time and enjoy the rest your Tuesday!

Mustard Seed Ministries Website Redesign

Mustard Seed Ministries is an organization that helps people share devotionals as well as offers the public and regular visitors a wide variety of stories and inspirational posts on a regular basis. The ministry was restarting after seven years hiatus and MSM contacted us at Ambit to help them create and build a redesigned a new and more modern and functional website. They also needed help to realign their old database and bring it up to modern standards. 

The process had it's moments of difficulty and we definitely underestimated how difficult it was going to be to make a 7 year old database built with Ruby on Rails in Heroku work in 2017... but we're proud of the simple yet elegant look of their site. We hope you do to.

Mustard Seed Ministries Home Page

Mustard Seed Ministries Home Page

Mustard Seed Ministries Bibles for the World page

Mustard Seed Ministries Bibles for the World page

Mustard Seed Ministries Guidelines page

Mustard Seed Ministries Guidelines page

If you have a couple minutes check out their site and let us know what you think in the comments! 

I was searching for images for a client and found this image...

The feel and simple beauty of this photo struck me today.

I'm not a fan of most memes out there and honestly I don't always "get" them...These signs remind me of that concept. Before they started being used everywhere online.

The signs that mention love often and two men playing a game of some kind tend to make me think what it would be like to live in a much older country. Where life is slower and friends do this type of thing. It feels peaceful and serene. 

Are there any photos that give you similar feelings and vibes? I would love to see links in the comments. 

Ronan Architects Custom Website Build

A while back, Ronan contacted us to ask if we could help them build a new website. They had a good gameplan as to what they wanted. We had a blast helping them achieve their goals and I have to say it's a unique site that speaks to how unique of an architecture firm they really are. Check out their site at jrarch.com and some examples of their site is below.

Friday Inspiration 12-23-16: ROBBIE JEFFERS

I just had a chuckle. I wanted to do inspiration Fridays on my blog. But of course I didn't go way out of my way to remind myself to do it last week even though I did back on the 12th. I came across this guy Robbie Jeffers via a video posted on Facebook. I look up and see it's Friday. Sweet! 

He's been around a long while and has worked for some very cool companies including Nike. Here's the video shared by Uno Mas on Facebook...

Here's a couple of my favorites of what I've seen of his work...