What happens when the sun rises? Solar power comes to town! And in East Naples, Florida, sunrise and solar powered homes are radiating some powerful excitement!

For centuries, the sun has been keeping us warm and growing our food. With man’s innovation, we’ve created some really well-engineered systems to share with the greater community at large. When Jim Henderson approached us to do a website for his fantastic sustainable homes project, we wanted to give a sense of presence and show off that lively energy-in-action, the photosynthesis-kind of energy, as well as the size of the money savings.

At Ambit, we were so hyped to expand the brand and define a website for such a significant carbon-reducing, home-maintenance free proposition because of its reach and potential.



The original logo circular mark was taking up most of the visual space while the name itself was very small and very hard to read when reduced, so we updated it and made the name more readable and worthy of the size.

The lemon-gold center that first catches your attention is the harnessed sun’s energy and the dark jade-green in the house roof represents much more that a simple shelter to keep you dry from the rain. The house is the reap-point… right where those key solar panels are pulling in power and turning it into dollars.

The clarified logo design allows for better scaling and quick identification.

Listen to Jim Henderson describe the benefits of his solar-powered homes below:

Radiant energy, living green.



You can find out for yourself by checking out the new JLH website at www.jlhsustainable.com. While you’re at it you should give them a follow on all the social networks (instagram, facebook, twitter) to keep up with their desire to save the earth and the world a ton of money and emissions!

Does your next endeavor have a solar-sized vision? Go ahead and dream-big! We can help translate that vision, whatever the size, into a design, branding language and website that everyone can grab a hold of and won’t forget! Consider exploring the process for free with us here at Ambit, or fill out the questionnaire to start communicating why you offer your target market the very best in class solution yet!

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