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Scrambling to write a website proposal?

Maybe you’ve mastered most of your proposal, but find yourself wondering about the legal terms and conditions, or keep having the same vague daydream when you try to write out an overarching problem statement.

Even if you had the time to target research and gather more data… well, you simply don’t have the time.

How can you wait on inspiration when the job bid closes in two days and you’d honestly like a shot at winning the opportunity? Being under stress is not the best state under which to shop for a presentable solution that is going to make or break a deal.


As it turns out, according to Madeline B, Harms, a neuroscience researcher, has discovered that under the pressure to perform, our decision making ability becomes impaired and we will either 1. ‘exploit’ – stick with what we know, or 2. ‘explore’ – try something new, depending on how favorably that’s worked out for us in the past. Her research says that as stress increases, we will more often make the choice that causes us to lean back on what we’ve always known because our options will appear to be fewer than they actually are.

If you happen to find yourself there, no worries, there is great news! These couple of options can move you from ‘stuck’ to ‘explorer’ overnight!

Subscription Service:

A subscription service is a great way to get right to the task of writing and doesn’t require knowledge of special programs like Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, or Illustrator. For trending website proposal templates that provide access to fast help with tried-and-true, attractive layouts, check out these links:


Built for clean design style, Proposify offers button-easy website proposal creation. Their template gallery has a number of contemporary templates that can be modified for the web, if you want to spend a little more time on it, but their template specifically for website proposals, with some minor customizing, will get you to the finish line quickly.

14 day free trial 5 active proposals $19 per month



Bidsketch suggests they can cut your proposal preparation time to just 45 minutes from the ‘usual’ three hours. That sounds promising as they have a system where you can prepare a proposal online that your clients can view privately, approve and sign online.

14 day free trial Unlimited proposals $29 per month


And Co

ANDCO also provides several attractive online website proposal templates to suit your requirements, but their real strength is all of the other services they offer like invoicing, expense and time tracking, as well as task management, payments and reporting. If you are looking for a total back-office solution for your business, this is not really and apples-to-apples comparison for the price; ANDCO wins for the multitude of its offerings, as well as its useful proposal templates.

Free plan available Unlimited proposals $24/mo


Downloadable Proposal Template:

Creative Market’s ‘Proposal’:

Creative Market’s ‘Proposal’ template is a downloadable resource that can be edited in Microsoft Word or Adobe InDesign and has 28 pages of editable content, with the ability to change theme colors. All images are all replaceable to suit your look and feel.

If this is more to your skill-set, it’s available for a one-time fee of $18


Guided Proposal Creation:

CodeinWP is a solid DIY resource for essentially creating your own proposal template. If there is any area in your understanding you feel is lacking, website blogger Dianna Gunn explains the stepped process well and expands on each section with details to help build your content. There are several links to other posts to round out your proposal offering, as well as links for WordPress website development. For certain, it will take much more than 10 minutes claimed in the title to write a proposal this way, but the optimistic hope is that successive proposals can be templated from your work here for free.



Templates save time by setting structure and pre-filling editable content. There are good options to expedite producing a website proposal from templates; subscriptions, downloadable, or a DIY guided self-creation. Depending on the amount of time you have and the comfort level of your technical skill, you may choose the solution that best fits your business goals. None of these suggested costs are out-of-range or prohibitive. So congratulations on your choice as you propose away, because the more proposals you write, the more you will win!