Out of curiosity, I just put #finishtheyearstrong into a search online to see if it has already gotten traction. It seems to have gotten a little.

I said that I would do a post regarding this and I’ve been thinking about what this means for me and for folks I know. It’s easy to coast into the holidays/Christmas…We see a light in the form of less work and more relaxing. (and more stress, in theory but for our argument, we’ll stick with more relaxing)

Five thoughts I had on #finishtheyearstrong, some business related, some not.

  1. I want to pull in at least 3 clients (new or old) before the end of the year. This has proven to be difficult. Many companies and people in general are either mailing in the end of the 4th quarter or looking to spend the rest of marketing budgets before the end of the quarter.

  2. We want solidify our business structure and processes as much as possible before the new year. We’ve taken some solid steps toward that and I couldn’t be more excited.

  3. I want to get our garage as clean as possible and as organized as possible. This has been staring at me for months and it’s driving me a little crazy.

  4. I want our family to spend some meaningful moments focusing on the real reason for the season. I want it to be impactful so that this new year means a new perspective of what we have and how blessed we are, so that we look around us and help the people we know and/or see.

  5. I want to set up goals with my wife regarding our finances as well as Ambit’s finances. So that 2019 has palpable and reachable goals to achieve.

What goals do you have for 2019?

What goals do you have for 2019?

I don’t think these things are going to happen if I wait to the new year to do them. This lines up with the podcast we heard this morning from the CEO of Ace Hardware, John Venhuizen. He had some really insightful thoughts on business practices. One statement that stood out to me was this idea of how difficult it is to grow relationships and work goals and life achievements in general. They’re all uphill battles but so many of our habits are downhill in nature. They don’t help us achieve our goals or grow our relationships. To grow in life and relationships, there’s sacrifice involved. That stuck with me.

All that said, what are some goals that you’ve been thinking on for 2019? Let’s finish 2018 strong…Together!

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