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Hi there party people. I want to do a weekly Tuesday post about some small things that might be helpful to you as you do work on the web. Some of these will be focused on Squarespace, some on WordPress and many will just be focused on the web at large or just graphic work as a whole. 

Maybe it will be shortcuts I use all the time or something I noticed online that saved me a bunch of time and energy. Often it’s something I should have known but never thought to ask or look for. I’m hoping to move some of these to being live or recorded video but for now. We’ll make the blog posts. 

So onto the tip for today…

If you have a Squarespace website or help people to make Squarespace websites and they want to have a phone number that is part of their navigation and they also want the phone to be clickable. So that when someone would click on it, it would open up on their phone or tablet or even desktop. This quick little tutorial should help you do just that!

Please let me know if this helps you in the comments and if you would like, sign up for our newsletter and I’ll email you the tidbit as well! 

See you next time and enjoy the rest your Tuesday!