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I have two purposes with this blog post.

My first purpose is to comment on the fact that multiple CRM type applications want you to use them and only them for your every day organization. Hence the visuals to the right. Obviously if you’re using only their application you’re more likely to spend more bucks on them and less likely to jump ship. Even better, you’re more likely to bring others with you. What do you guys use every day to stay organized and productive?

My second purpose is to share what apps/software I aim to use to stay organized but most of the time don’t do it well enough. I use a combination of the apps to the right. Evernote, Trello, Apple Calendar, Dropbox and Google Inbox. I am aware that my work structure isn’t as cohesive as I would prefer it to be and honestly I need to be more organized. This blog post isn’t me telling you that I figured it out as of yet, because I haven’t.

A while back I came across Zapier which aims to help you with the middle ground and automate where you might need automating. I still haven’t made it work as well as I’d like it to but it seems like it could be a game changer if done right. 

I do want to start a conversation with all of you smart people out there that might read this and get some feedback on project and small business organization.

What’s your biggest problem keeping track of information?

What programs do you use to stay organized? 

Is there something you always wish was made easier? An app? A organizational tool? 

Please comment below. I would love to hear your thoughts on this.